Love Shorts


Love is like a red balloon,
That when it comes into a room
Everyone just wants to party.
There will be music, dancing and laughter.
There will be good food, wine and intoxication.
Generations will be friendly.
Like a planet, it shines,
With smooth, spherical, reflected light,
That might be mistaken for its own.
But should some dumb corner of the world
Lying cruelly in wait, snick it,
Just ever so slightly,
Then at once it will deflate,
Faster than the eye can see,
Faster than sound, leaving behind
The flaccid epitome of pathos.


You´s bein´ a damn fool boy!
There ain´t no such thang as Love.
Not like you mean, nohow.
I´s just your stoopid brain tellin´ you
You foun´ someone who REALLY understands.
Ain´t no one who REALLY understands someone else.
We´s all lonely man.
An´ you´ gotta get used to it.


I´ve seen what love can do.
It can rip a man´s guts out,
Splashing his shiny, pink innards
Onto cold and grinning marble.
It can leave him white and foaming,
Clawing at phantoms no one else can see.
It can take him years to die from it;
Almost a whole lifetime.
We can do our best to patch him up,
With quackish tinctures,
And half effective remedies,
But he´ll never be the same.
He will always have a heart shaped hole in him,
Through which you can see the fields and sky beyond.

Copyright © John Ferngrove 2009