Cirenor is the home of the Ferngrove Family in Hampshire, 'Engerland'. John and Chrissie, and their kids Luke and Alice. Despite the Tolkienesque resonances the origin of the house name is more prosaic, being in fact an anagram of the names of the sons of the people who built the house in the 1920's, Ron and Eric.

This is my first effort at putting together my own website so please excuse the relative primitivity. For now its primary function is to get these things out for those people who may like them.

Sad to say, I do not consider myself to be a 'proper' composer in the sense of being able to write this kind of stuff down with pencil and manuscript paper. I've always heard music in my head since I was a kid, but my sight reading, despite years of effort, has never become particularly fluent, and only the marvellous technology available today has enabled me to get what I hear internally out into the objective world.

Some of this music seems to just write itself over hours or days. Some of it has evolved over years with some bars seeming to take weeks to get to match what I hear in my head. I'm not a fluent keyboard player either so all this stuff has, rather laboriously, been moused in, click by click. Still, when its on a roll it's the best feeling in the world, along with being able to write the kind of music I most want to hear. I hope there are others out there that might find something here of interest.

John Ferngrove's day-job is as a C++ Programmer, who has chosen in later life to exchange an obsession with computer programming for an obsession with computer music.